Mental health touches us all, especially during these challenging times.

You're worth it, become Inward Strong

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It's like having your own personal wellness coach 24/7.

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) has caused disruption and uncertainty in our lives and the stress we are facing right now can feel overwhelming.


As the world pulls together we at Life Recovery Program want to help everyone that we can. It is our privilege to offer you three months of free access to Inward Strong - Paul Radkowski, CEO

This is a comprehensive, anonymous mental wellness program

Can you benefit?

Are you or someone you care about stressed out, anxious, overwhelmed or socially isolated?

Are you finding a habit or addiction hard to break?

If so, Inward Strong can help you with your wellness journey and teach you how to support others in similar situations.

Inward STRONG: Video


Self-directed Videos - Personalized, 100% anonymous, on demand video coaching.

Tools & Techniques - Evidenced-based to help you overcome life’s thorny issues and live your best life now.

Forum & Email Support -  Stay connected, avoid feeling socially isolated.

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